Snoring is a very common condition that has a tendency to get worse as we age. Men suffer from the problem more frequently than women, but it is very common in people who are overweight.  In most cases snoring is not much of a problem  , but more of a nuisance. However, if it is severe, it will disrupt the sleep patterns of those close to you, as well as your own sleep quality.

The cause of snoring is very straight forward: air flow through the mouth and nose is obstructed. Generally, obstructed nasal airways are one of the major causes of snoring. A deviated septum, nasal polyps or a sinus infection all can block air flow which will result in snoring.

Muscle tone in the throat and tongue, if it is not firm, will allow these muscles to relax too much and they will block the air way. This problem can be caused by deep sleep, alcohol consumption, use of certain sleeping pills and aging.  Throat tissue which is large and bulky, often a problem with overweight individuals, can result in snoring. Along this same line, children with large tonsils or adenoids will often snore. The combination of a long soft palate and a large uvula, will also cause snoring. The structures will vibrate and touch one another which closes the airway, and produces snoring.

In addition to the noise created by snoring, which is irritating, you might also suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, a sore throat, restless sleep, gasping or choking at night. All of these are not good for you or your sleeping partner.

One of the great problems with snoring, is that over time it can become a health risk factor. In many cases ,obstructive sleep apnea developes from habitual snoring, and this is a serious health issue. Sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart , which could cause heart attacks or strokes.

Snoring and some mild forms of sleep apnea can be treated with oral appliances made by a dentist . I am sure you know about many of the devices sold in pharmacies or discount stores. These are like mouth pieces, and in  most cases and can actually make additional problems for your teeth and jaw. The appliances made by the dentist all work by moving your lower jaw forward. This opens the airway in your mouth, keeping the airflow from being blocked. They are custom-made for your mouth and can be adjusted as necessary to help control your snoring. Some cases of mild sleep apnea can also be treated with these devices since an open airway also treats sleep apnea.

So, get some help with your snoring and make everyone in the house happy. Everyone will enjoy a better nights rest and feel better in the morning.