Another cooking/frying article just to keep things interesting. This recipe can be used with venison if you are a hunter just as easily as with the beef version of cube steak.  It is easier to work with the cube steak if it is still a little frozen. You will need to cut it into bite size pieces, about one inch square to one and a half inches.

Take your steak pieces and place them in a pan or bowl. You will need to mix sour cream (it can be low-fat) and some brand of spicy mustard with the meat. It has to be completely covered by the sour cream/mustard mixture so somewhere between a half pint to maybe a pint of sour cream and then one to two average size bottles of the spicy mustard. I normally use Grey Poupon mustard so you can substitute something similar.  Cover the meat and marinade with wax paper or saran style wrap and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. One other thought about the sour cream and mustard for the marinade–  I add about a teaspoonful of Cumin to the mixture. This adds a nice subtle flavor, but you can leave this out if you want.

After you have marinated the meat and you are ready to fry, you will need to coat the meat in flour. Now from a previous post, you know that I am a big fan of House of Autry flour especially the fish breader either mild or hot. You can use regular flour which you add some salt and pepper to, but House of Autry is already seasoned. 

Take the pieces of meat and coat them with flour with whatever method you like. You can use a bowl with the flour in it and sort of dredge the pieces through it , or shake them in a paper bag or use the Bill Dance fish breader.

Make sure your peanut oil is 375 degrees and fry until golden brown. Watch the oil temperature as it will drop as you fry. Remove the meat and let in drain on a rack or paper towels and if you want you can season them with a bit of sea salt.  Let them cool and enjoy.