So, you survived the root canal. It was not that bad and you almost fell asleep twice during the procedure. The rubber dam was a bit inconvenient, but it did keep the chemicals out of your mouth, and they do taste bad. The tooth feels great and you can even chew on it.  What next?

If the tooth had a large filling, or a great deal of decay, it will need a crown and possibly a buildup or post and core. What are those things? The buildup and post and core add strength to the tooth and help support the crown. One of the big problems after a root canal is the tooth breaks or fractures. This happens a great number of times. You feel good, the tooth is happy and you do not want another visit to the dentist. But that is exactly what you do need. Without support and internal strengthening, the tooth is going to break or fracture. It is very sad to see someone who has spent a lot of money on saving their tooth, only to have it break and have to be told that it cannot be saved. It could break in  a month or a year or two later, but at some point, there will be problems. Get it fixed, or at the very least have the buildup completed before something happens that will cause you even greater problems.

A tooth that already had a crown can be treated differently. If there was not a tremendous amount of  decay, or the crown was recently placed, a filling or post and core can be put in the tooth and this will solve the problem. If the crown was old and there was a huge amount decay, it might need a new crown in addition to the buildup. A tooth that is part of a bridge can be saved in this manner also, However, if the decay is severe or the tooth does not look good, a new bridge might be in order.

Get the tooth fixed properly and you will not regret spending the money for the root canal and other work. The tooth will hold up and give you years of service. Brush and floss and treat it like your other teeth with TLC and you will be very happy and so will the tooth.